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Build A Relationship

Play Your Way Obedience helps you empower your dog to live in your world without stress or issues.

Long before the invention of writing and the wheel, dogs began to shape the way humans lived. While societies are conventionally understood as populated by humans and nature is understood as composed of other creatures, researchers continue to explore the concept of companion species. Humans and dogs fates are intertwined in ways that the old distinction between domesticator and domesticated cannot be adequately addressed. The notion that the human being ends at the skin and that an animal exists as a tool to be exploited to whatever end the human intends is arbitrary and false. The story of humans and companion species involves much more than the exploitation of the dog's labor. Dogs (and horses) and humans live and have evolved jointly. Our species are bonded.

A bond is a close relationship that is established over time between two living creatures. It develops mutually and is a cooperative connection. Bonding is characterized by the formation of a strong attachment that involves many emotions. These include affection and trust among others The Human-dog bond is a deep connection between two species that exists like no other in the animal world. It matters not whether that bond is based on companionship or a working relationship, with commitment, communication, understanding and education, that bond can transcend the differences between species.

Always remembering that our dogs are living in a world that forces them to inhibit most of their instincts, and often don't have adequate means to channel their energy and frustration, building a deep relationship and bond is inherent in our history with dogs. But, in order to make it happen, you have to first define "it". You create a map for yourself, figuring out where you are starting from and identifying your strengths and establishing your goals. This is transforming in and of itself. Very few of us get this structured when left to our own devices and a good map is always a good start.