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Purchase Seminar and Workshop Materials



Purchase Seminar Materials

Noise Phobia10.007-11-2018
Drive, Breaks and Steering10.00 7-18-2018
When Training Doesn't Stick10.00 7-25-2018
Foundation Skills10.00 8-1-2018
Service Dogs10.00 8-8-2018
Walking Clinic10.00 8-15-2018
Distracted Dogs10.00 8-23-2018
Puppy Raising10.00 8-29-2018
Reducting Reactivity10.00 9-5-2018
Resource Guarding10.00 9-12-2018
Functional Agility10.00 9-19-2018
Magic In Dog Training10.00 9-26-2018
More Than One10.00 10-3-2018
Methods of Training10.00 10-10-2018
Barking Dogs10.00 10-17-2018
Nosework In Life10.00 10-24-2018
Don't Touch Me10.00 11-7-2018
Taming The Wild Child10.00 11-14-2018
Ask The Trainer10.00 11-21-2018
Enrichment10.00 11-28-2018
Separation Anxiety10.00 12-5-2018
Using the Dog Park10.00 12-12-2018

Service Dog Lectures and Seminars

Selecting and Training Service Dogs for Mental Illness– Part I10
Selecting and Training Service Dogs for Mental Health Disabilities-Part II10
Self-Control Games for Service Dog Candidates10
Public Access Behaviors and Ethics10
Selecting and Training Medical Alert Dogs10
Identifying Stress in Service Dogs and the Canine Emotional Detox10
Service Dog Handlers – Can Anyone Handle a Service Dog?10
Intelligent Disobedience and Problem Solving10
Psychiatric Service Dogs 10

Purchase Booklets and Past Seminar Materials

Get Focused! Creating Engagement10.00
Puppy Learning Games10.00
Taking A Walk10.00
Houdini Hobbled - Boundary Training10.00
Getting To Know You by Barbara Sperling10.00

Canine Communication and Emotion


Separation Anxiety Protocol


How to help a car sick dog


Make note that the following class checksheets and curricula for group classes contain materials that are no longer used by Play Your Way Obedience.  With careful weighing of the materials in these classes however, you can gain a good understanding of how to teach these classes.  These classes were created based on my knowledge at the time of creation and before I had completely made the transition from balanced training to fear free game based training.

Past Checksheets and Curricula for group classes and private programs

Puppy Raising10.00
Reactive Dog Class10.00
Shy Dog Class10.00
Advanced Reactive Dog Class10.00