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At Seize The Leash, Canine Behavior Training and Play Your Way Obedience, our greatest achievements are in training Service Dogs to help their human partners in life.  


Please help us continue to do this as we branch out into helping our Veterans and homeless to achieve freedom via a Service Dog.

In my years of training, I have run across numerous types of behavior issues that dog owners have asked me to assist them with.  Most of these issues are a dog just being a dog in such a way that it is at odds with living in a human world.

Most trainers work with barking, jumping, excited greeting behaviors, reactivity, and other common issues successfully.We have decided to take another path and work with less common behavior issues and dangerous situations that have in the past been "solved" by electronics and force. We still also do basic obedience with the three levels of the Canine Good Citizen test as the goal, but our strengths lie in handling behavior issues.

Our programs provide you with an education that ...

  • Is held in private lessons between you and the trainer
  • Is done in a pleasant atmosphere.
  • is practiced where you normally go with your dog (forest, field, village, city ...)
  • Gives you knowledge and exercises to make your dog's behavior understandable.
  • Will be tailored to your needs and those of your dog.

Welcome to Play Your Way and Canine Game Theory (tm)

Welcome to Canine Game Theory where we make learning happen via games and fun and play.  The learning curve is almost non-existant for both the human and the dog.  All you ever do is play simple games.  Each of those games builds one upon the other until you have an obedient dog that knows all the basics - sit, down, stay, come, heel, stand, leave it, go to your place, go say hi - and a host of other things that have never been taught in an obedience class before for lack of time.

Current group class schedule:

Play Your Way Academy Tucson and online classes

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August 3:
Play Therapy For Reactive/Aggressive Dogs
Creative Exercise

August 10:
Clarity And Calm In a Chaotic World - Handling Distractions
Tiny Tyrants

August 17:
Making Choices, Managing Prey Drive 2
Dimensions In Fear: Creating A Confident Dog

August 24:
Heeling Magic
Puppy Learning Games

August 31:
Loose Leash Walking
Life Without A Leash - Righteous Recalls



September 6 2016:
Empowerment and Engagement
Control Yourself

September 13 2016:
Jagility Senior & Puppy
Snake Avoidance Without Shock

September 20 2016:
Assistance Dog Level I
Home Helper Hound Level I

September 27:
Canine Parkour Level 1
Savvy Socialization

October 1, 2016
Fitness Fundamentals

October 8 2016:
Surviving To Thriving, Your Relationship With Your Dog
Scent Games Level I

October 15 2016:
Household Manners

October 22 2016:
Making Choices, Managing Prey Drive 1

October 29 2016:
Shy Dog
Boundary Training

Functional Agility Trainer Certification Class:

Functional training takes us back to the roots of our association with canines and getting back to the basics of movement, body awareness, the flow that should be inherent in moving from space to space and when navigating obstacles, balance, coordination, flexibility and agility. Functional Agility helps provide your dog with the strength, stability, power, mobility, endurance and flexibility that s/he needs to thrive as s/he moves through life and sports. Using basic functional movement patterns like pushing, pulling, lunging, squatting, rotating, carrying and gait patterns, Functional Training utilizes exercises that improve movement proficiency, enhance performance and decrease injury.

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Functional Agility Trainer Certification Class $300 Next class starts SEPTEmber 7th, 2016


Canine Game Theory Trainer Certification Class:

The Canine Game Theory Certified Trainer Program features clear and engaging content designed for our online classroom and includes dozens of high-quality videos and step-by-step training exercises. The course is divided into 8 lesson units that feature 28 in-home practice training activities and 40 high-quality training videos. Students can interact with peers and their instructor via an online discussion board and have access to the library of existing games.

Students proceed through the course at their own pace. The course has been designed to be completed in 8 weeks, but students have up to 12 weeks from their start date to complete the course and take their final exam.

Sign up now as a Trainee in the Canine Game Theory™ Trainer Certification Program !!  This covers the Summer semester starting September 21st 2016. Cost is $450. Email us at coach@playyourwayobedience.com if you would like to set up a payment plan.

We will only be taking 15 students, so get your reservation in early! Click here to set up your reservation

"This is a great course! It still amazes me at how much I learned and retained. Jamie does a fantastic job of making the theory information clear and concise. This class has taken my training to another level. If you are on the fence as to whether this class is right for you, I believe it is a must for every dog/animal owner/trainer.
By the end of this course, I was able to break down a behavior and develop a plan and games that helped my JRT through his OT Excitement at Barn Hunts. A behavior that no other class or training could touch.
Game theory works!!" Barb

Shelter Animal Behavior & Welfare Program

Sign up now as a Trainee in the Shelter Animal Behavior & Welfare Program !!  This covers the Summer semester starting August 17th 2016. Cost is $250. Email us at coach@playyourwayobedience.com if you would like to set up a payment plan.

We will only be taking 15 students, so get your reservation in early! Click here to set up your reservation

This course will help you create or enhance your shelter's behavioral health programs. The program includes how to create or enhance existing play groups for use in assessment, enrichment, training and adoption.

Here is Piri, a 7 month old Boxer mix, playing It's In The Bowl.  This game teaches several things at once.  To stay in a sit until released (break), to not dive for food just because it's there, and to come to the human first instead of investigating the bowl.  This is representative of the games we play.  We mix a basic behavior (stay), distraction proofing (food in a bowl), self-control (wait for the "break") and attention to the handler (sit), all in one easy to play game.

Featured Programs

Boundary Training Without Electronics: There are many ways to contain or control a dog including fences (visible or electronic), chains or tie-outs, pens, leashes, gates, etc. However, none are fool-proof and none truly provide your dog with freedom and a happy life, nor do they teach them anything, only contain them.  We teach a dog that his choice of staying in the yard, behind the boundary we designate is the best choice he could make.  That the best things in life are in his yard with his humans.  There is no need to roam when everything is provided to the dog and the dog understands this.

Rescued!:  Working with and adopting rescued dogs, dogs that were about to be put to sleep for having a cold or a behavior issue, dogs who now have a second chance, is one of the most rewarding things I have done.  Second only to working with Service Dogs.  Out of the 7 puppies I raised in the last 11 years, all of them were rescues.  Three of them are now Service Dogs either for me or others, one is now retired as a therapy dog but still helps me in raising others' puppies, one is my grandkids companion and and #7 is still learning what her role in life will be.  We lost one along the way to seizures.  This program will teach those who rescue these dogs, those who foster them and those who help with their possible issues.