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Creative Exercise

Play Your Way Obedience helps you empower your dog to live in your world without stress or issues.

Running. Jumping. Playing. Problem solving. Dogs live for this stuff! 

Exercise—for both mind AND body—should be fun for you and your dog. Through unique activites like swimming, NoseWork, obedience, balance ball exercises and more, we'll help you keep the joy in exercise. 

Join one of our many classes and learn a new skill or explore a dog sport. Discover the power of a therapy ball to build strong core muscles that decrease the risk of injury. No matter your dog's age or mobility level, we have a class to meet his physical and mental needs. 

Just as with our Service Dog program, we will teach each student how to creatively exercise dogs so that it is fun, fullfilling, and useful. There is no boredom with these exercises, they can be done from your easy chair or with your running shoes on. 

In addition, most of these exercises are also structured games that we use in our programs, so not only are you exercising your dog, you are also teaching!