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Clarity and Calm Testimonials

Clarity & Calm in a Chaotic World - this just might be the most important class I have ever taken. I watched my dog's behavior improve as he calmed down when things were unusual. I watched his confidence grow from week to week. I have never worked as hard in a class nor been so rewarded. 

Jamie's approach is different from anything I have done before. I was impressed at how quickly we made progress. There are a lot of games and exercises but she helped narrow it down by what she saw in our baseline videos. She tweaked things based on what we did or said. She does not give all the steps right away because it is tailored to each team and their needs and their journey. I am still processing all of her material. 

This is the best class I have taken. I have learned so much about how my dog thinks and behaves, and this class gave me the tools to address everything from body part sensitivity to reactivity. I have seen dramatic improvements already, sometimes within a day of doing the games in the class, because I am finally understanding my dog better and working on her terms. I have Jamie to thank for our progress, she has been tireless and providing feedback and encouragement. Jamie gives 100%+ to this class (even before the class officially started, she was helping us out!), cares about all her students, and really wants both human and dog to thrive. I highly recommend this class to anyone with a dog!